Enter Into Your Rest

A man died and found himself standing before a set of gates, whose reputation for concealing the Kingdom of Heaven had well preceded his arrival. As the huge, solid gates creaked open, a decrepit figure emerged from the darkness to greet the man.

“Hello. Welcome. Enter into your rest.”

The man was puzzled, for here was not what he was expecting. No light shone forth, no virile Man questioned him, and there wasn’t a Book of Life to be seen, let alone examined. Here he was, welcomed into the darkness.

“Wait”, said the man, “I have some questions.”

“Ask, and the answers shall be given to you”, replied the decaying figure before him.

“What was all that suffering for? I have finally reached the Kingdom of Heaven, and this isn’t what I expected. Tell me the meaning of it all!”

The figure sighed long and deep, a sigh which itself perhaps gestured toward a response that was not yet forthcoming. Looking the man in the eye, it said “I’m sorry. There is no answer to the question you have asked.”

“I knew it!” said the man, “The answer is that there is no answer! That’s what we needed to realise!”


the figure replied,

“There is no answer.”

l, 2016.


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