April 2016

This month, we will be holding a Last Supper on Thursday the 28th.

We’ll be hearing from Alphonse Mulumba. Alphonse was was born in the Democratic Republic of Congo in 1987, and moved to Australia in 2008. Growing as a child and young person, he experienced both worlds: the rich and the poor, and saw the contrast that exists between them. This early discovery inspired him as a young person and ignited his unquestionable sense of service.

Alphonse is a community organiser and activist. He is currently the Chair of the Tasmanian African Youth Association and Public Relations Officer of the African Communities Council of Tasmania. Alphonse’s work and passion revolves around giving a chance to the underprivileged, advocating for people in forgotten corners of the world, defending the voice of young people, proving the success of democracy in Tasmania and building capacity within the Tasmanian community.

This evening will be an opportunity to speak with Alphonse about his activism, his early life and transition to Australia, and his current work with the Multicultural Council of Tasmania amongst other things.

Get your tickets to what promises to be a fascinating, engaging and challenging evening here: