Atheism For Lent

Over the contemplative period of Lent each year we ‘give up God’ (whatever that might mean) for a time as we reflect on key atheistic thinkers throughout history and today.

To this end, we take seriously the most potent criticisms of religion, religious life, and ritual practice offered by these secular thinkers, who will change from year to year. This is valued as important not only for ‘religious’ people, but those who already regard themselves as ‘secular’: for, following Deleuze, it could be suggested that we failed to kill God when we put Man in his place, but kept the most important thing, which is the place.

What, or who, holds the place of ‘God’ in your life? Spend the Lenten season exploring the most disturbing and confronting kernel residing in atheist thought. You may not leave the same.

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