July 2016

This month, we will be holding a Last Supper on Wednesday the 27th.

Let’s talk liberalism! Having grown up in Victoria and Queensland, Ian Alston has lived in Tasmania since 2001. He has worked as an electrical/automation engineer in Pulp & Paper, pharmaceuticals, water and wastewater, mining and many other industries.

Prior to joining the Liberal Democrats Ian held no political party memberships. Ongoing frustration with the sociopolitical interference by successive Labor and LNP governments, and the increasingly socialist position of The Greens, led him to running as a candidate recently for the Liberal Democrats in the 2016 Federal election.

Ian has held classically liberal views for most of his life without realising it. He believes than legislation which makes criminals of people who are not harming others is always more harmful than good.

Get your tickets here: http://www.bit.ly/2afzh11